How to Handle the Silent Treatment without Falling Apart with Guilt

You got spoiled or did not do it, but you are still in the dog's house. Not sure how to handle silent treatment? What you have to do to survive here.

We all make mistakes and depend on what we are working with, those mistakes can be ignored by us. Everyone knows what the silent treatment is. I'm sure everyone around the world has experienced it. But you probably do not know how to handle silent treatments and survive. do not worry. I've covered you.
How to handle silent treatments
If this is the first time experiencing silent treatment, then I tell you through whom you are going. Suddenly, the person you disagree with has stopped talking to you and pretends that you are not present. You basically become a tree. Silent treatment generally fights most common * and ineffective *.
You are basically punished which you have done. Now sometimes you are worth a while to think about yourself, but for most, it becomes an easy way to punish the other person and go into arguments.
Handling silent treatment types is not easy, especially if this person is a family member or partner. But listen, you are going to drag and make it alive. I am going to help you and give you some tips on handling silent treatments because we are all there. [Read: How to properly use silent treatment when you do not see any other way]
# 1 Ask yourself why. Your partner is not giving you silent treatment because they want, they are doing it for a specific reason. Now, you need to do some exploration work and ask yourself why they are doing this. Many people struggle with expressing their emotions, so instead of talking about them, they stop and make distances.
Silent treatments can be a way to save themselves for them. However, it can also be used in an efficient manner. They are not receiving what they want, so, unless you give up, they give you quiet treatment. But let's not jump on the conclusion. Instead, ask yourself why they are giving you silent treatment. [Read: This way you know that your relationship is being manipulated]
# 2 Avoid giving you the right treatment you receive. When someone ignores you, then it really is uncomfortable. They do this because they require feedback. Whether they are afraid of confrontation or are fun, silent treatment is for you to * ignore * to reach this issue. Now, you can contact them and talk about the problem, it's fine.
However, do not allow your behavior to come into your head. Do not allow it to take and capture your thoughts. [Read: How to express your feelings in a healthy way]
# 3 Do not react negatively. Many people react negatively when they face with silent treatment. They become upset that fully understandable. However, you have to face silent treatment in a different way.
Rather than being angry or upset, see them calmly and tell them that if you want to talk to you then you are available. In this way, you accept that something is wrong, but when it comes to talk about the ball, put the ball in your court. If something is troubling them, then they should come to you and express it.
# 4 Finally, talk to the person about silent treatment. If they are not willing to face you, then you should face them. However, give them enough time to contact you.

If you decide to talk to them, do not contact them aggressively. Instead, be completely calm and ask them if they want to talk. If they do, talk to them calmly about the incident and why they are giving you quiet treatment. Ask them what they were feeling and what they want for you. Then, you tell them how you were feeling and what you want from them [Read: 23 dos and not to remember in relationship logic]
# 5 Remind them how it feels to you. In the conversation, remind them how their behavior affects you. When it comes to communication, silent treatment is not effective because it is completely contrary. When you are giving silent treatment to them, then you are not talking to them, how can you solve anything? Remember to use the "I" statement and express how they feel.
# 6 Talk about your limits. Now is the time to make some limitations. I know, who likes borders? But honestly, they are for a reason. If someone starts with silent treatment, then it is emotionally harmful to you and them. So, you need to tell your limitations.
Are you willing to recreate this behavior? If not, tell them that, in a good way, of course it is obvious. Closing will not result in a positive relationship. [Read: Tips for setting limits with difficult people]
# 7 Talk about effective communication. Okay, so you told them their limitations, but this is not enough. Now,